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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Assurance Clinic x Shiseido

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Basically these two pictures sum up what my post will be about today!

I attended a Assurance Clinic x Shiseido event at SPH a few weeks back, and that was when the video of my laser session was unveiled to the public for the first time.

Before I go on, let me share an exciting piece of news with you, my dear readers :)

Dr Wong of Assurance Clinic has released a new festive package for you readers who asked me about the price of my sponsored laser session.

You don't wanna miss this! Perfect skin to start the new year, who's up for it?

Moving on, I learnt quite a bit on makeup skills from the Shiseido talk. Y'know how you always think you are doing your makeup well, then the real pro comes along and gives you a few tips and you go like "wtf I was shit the whole time". Yes, story of my life.

Spent half my time looking out for security cameras so I could nick these

Just kidding guys, look at how honest my face is.

Okay, photo spam now! 

With Nicholas & Alene!

With Mag <3

With mom :)

& le sister :)

Testing out the products Posing for the camera, thanks Nic!

Thank you for the invite Mag and Pris! x

Can't wait to try out these products from the goodie bag!


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