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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa

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In case you were wondering what the heck were all those queues at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) about two to three months back, this is it.

Two to three months later, there is still a queue.

Except this time it's a private blogging event by The Influencer Network! /pops champagne/

When the Trick Eye Museum opened in Singapore, I was still in Korea on exchange. The most ironic thing is, I was in Korea for about five months and I did not visit the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, which is the original! Ultimate face palm. Don't ask me why I didn't, I'm still asking myself.

Hence, I was deeply amused and intrigued when I saw my Instagram feed start filling up with photos of "magic" back in June, as everyone started going to the Trick Eye Museum for their novelty fix. Back on our Singapore shores now, I was awaiting a chance to go to this much-talked about museum and finally try out the "tricks" for myself. 

Did you know....

I am actually a mermaid?

Or that...

I am actually an Olympic swimmer?

Just kidding, I'm actually a legit ballerina.

No, I am really serious about this, I used to do ballet, except that I have never ever achieved this before, much to the dismay of my ballet teachers. Oh well. I can do a pirouette though, does that count?

I went into a (what's this) fish and ---

Oh wait, my brother just looked over and told me that

"This is a goliath tigerfish, da jie!"

WHAT. He's six. I'm twenty-two and here I am googling what the hell a goliath tigerfish is. 

Google images says this is a goliath tigerfish. Wow.

So anyway, I don't think I did very well with my expression inside a goliath tigerfish, so I shall make it up to you guys with a more realistic one.

Jem actually looks quite in despair. Ha ha ha

Mom and I finally got a chance to tower over the men in our lives. Dad's expression is pretty good isn't it! Considering he's quite an expressionless man. /oh daddy dearest~/

Mom and Dad went on an adventure! But then the waters turned to fire and...

"One hand out honey! I'll catch you!"

"Okay, both hands! Since I'll probably drop you with one hand."

I was attempting to balance on a thin rod with my heels and Jem was applying to join the circus.

But then the waters turned to fire and the circus became a volcano.

"Oppa save me!"

We went to heaven and became angels.

Then again, not really. We still have many things we wanna do! Like...

Act like a boss panda and climb bamboos without having to grip anything and still pose.


Sky dive!!!

Or try and escape from a titanoboa monster snake.

Dad finally fulfilled his dream of being a jockey.

And mom? She finally did some exercises and conquered a handstand!

I got caught. Whoops.

Got a lashing obviously.

But then I caught him dancing with a lady and his hand was placed in such a suggestive position.

There was nothing left to do. I cooked him.

And went dancing with my date!

But then as all couples do, we made up and made it into the book of love.

The placeholder was made for us! Fit was just right <3

I wanna thank William, Dennis and the rest of the TIN crew for making my night such an enjoyable one. It was truly a night of fun and laughter!

Thank you Mom and Dad for being such good sports and helping us with photo-taking too.

This is a selca from my iPhone~

Last but not least, a big thank you to my love Jem for editing the photos and colour-matching our outfits with me :) 

Very gay, yes we know.

Group photo of all the bloggers and their plus ones! Photo credit to The Influencer Network.

My parting shot. T'was a good night!

P.S One-day admission tickets to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa are priced at S$25 for adults and S$20 for children/seniors. Guests can also purchase tickets and packages onsite or online at www.trickeye.com/singapore or www.rwsentosa.com.  

Don't wait anymore, go!


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  1. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers (http://trickeye.blogspot.com). If it's okay for you, please let us know. Thank you! ;) 


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