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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Eggs & Berries @ Jurong Point: "The Heavenly Four" Burger Launch


After a midweek Deepavali break last week (of which I spent the entire public holiday on a staycation at OCC), I had the privilege to be invited to yet another Eggs & Berries launch, this time at Jurong Point.

The last time I went, it was almost a year back when Eggs & Berries first launched at Westgate. That post remains one of my highest read posts, for some reason. I was still an amateur blogger then - I still am - but I'd like to think I have improved since then. 

You can read my old post here that focused more on their house specials like the Eggs Benedict. Today, though, I'll be posting my review on their latest "Heavenly Four" burger launch!

*Btw, everyone's been asking about Jem and my "hold-hands-and-look-serious" shots, so I'll think I should step out and clear this once and for all. Yes, we are making it our signature pose, if it isn't already obvious enough. Hahaha. If you wanna know why we are so serious.... please approach Jem or me directly. I think I really shouldn't put the reason up publicly cause I might get egged. Pun fully intended.

Back to the buns, y'all. I must say I am not a big fan of burgers, because they are generally very messy to eat and I'm particularly fussy about how my patties are done and taste.

Using a file photo for this shot because look how delicious they are in this photo! The lighting was not super good at JP, so a group shot of these burger pals will have to be this.

What's so special, you say?

This is Singapore's first and only build-your-own-coloured-burger-joint, and if you don't hop onto the bandwagon before it's too late, don't say we left you in the dust!

All buns and patties are freshly made and possess special "healing" qualities because of the all-natural ingredients they are made from. Interested?

Let me take you through them one by one. Before I begin, remember that you can mix and match different patties with different buns!

Smoked Paprika & Beetroot

DO NOT be fooled by its unappetising name. These special pink buns help to manage your blood pressure! The patty is beef, for this one. Beef lovers will like this. The beef is an enticing slab of 14-day dry aged beef, for goodness sake.

Charcoal Squid Ink

Look at the egg yolk flowing out, oh gosh they are not eggs and berries for nothing are they? These black buns are great for detoxification. Matched with the spicy cajun chicken patty, what can I say, I'm in love.

Tumeric Curry

Helps to boost and achieve good skin. With the pork patty, the taste is one of Singaporean unique-ness. Let's face it, this is probably created to cater to Singaporean taste. One more serving of this, please. 

Spinach Pesto

No worries for the anti-vegetables peeps. There's no obvious veggie taste and these spinach buns actually help in nourishing the eyes and bones. Lamb patty for this. I really liked the buns for this but since I don't like the taste of lamb, this isn't exactly my cup of tea. Guess what was the unique point that set this burger apart though? There are strips of crispy bacon for this, oh my god I just couldn't resist all that layers of fat. Nobody says no to bacon. No one. 

All in all, I would say go for the Charcoal Squid Ink, because the buns are the yummiest (to me, of course. I wouldn't impose my opinions on anyone) and it's paired with Cajun chicken! Fav. Beef lovers can pair it with the beef patty.

All burgers are served with a side of potato wedges and mixed greens. Also, reasonably priced at $12.90 to $13.90. What is rainbow cake? Rainbow burgers next big thing lah! Don't say bojio!

Other drinks, mains and desserts for the night:

Love this. Strawberry Mango Tea. Never thought the day would come when I choose something else on the drinks menu besides ice lemon tea. No kidding, only $5.90 for this refreshing drink. Comes with small floating strawberry bits.

Jem's choice: Sweet Groovy Mango ($6.50)

Green Mountain Bee ($6.50): Super strong avocado taste.

Banana Sunset ($6.50)

Aglio Olio King River Prawn ($19.90)

Eggs Benedict Doppio ($16.90)

Truffle & Mushroom fries ($9.90): An absolute winner. I told you to order this in the last Eggs & Berries post, and I haven't changed my stance.

Mango Tango ($10.90): So sinful but so good.

Over the Rainbow ($15.90 because we ordered the bigger one, there's a smaller portioning at $8.90): What over the rainbow, I was over the moon for this one. All my favourite fruits and best yet, chocolate sauce. YES

Needless to say, we were all stuffed. Group photo with the plus ones!

Selfie of my favourite boy:

Miscellaneous: ha ha ha

Happy that Mag & Maine could join us!

All in all quite a scandalous night of buns, I would say. Grab them, because you can.

Eggs & Berries
1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point 1
#01-32, Singapore 648886
Tel: 67909195

Remember to hashtag #eggsnberries when you're dining there!

All photos credit to Jem (and my iPhone 5S lol). You can also check out his blog and read his review!



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  2. Wow that's a wonderfull blog having all details & helpful. eggs and berries


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