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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lee Kum Kee

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As you guys may know by now, I'm a terrible cook. I'm really only good at eating. Or posing with food.

Nevertheless, I was still very generously invited to the Lee Kum Kee "3-dishes-1-soup-in-30-minutes" event last week. I was mighty excited about this event because - 

2. Someone is actually giving me a chance to cook
3. There is gonna be tons of people there = chaotic = no one will ever know if I accidentally set fire to the kitchen

Well then, let's get started, shall we?

Lee Kum Kee has been on supermarket shelves for quite some time now, and I daresay it is a household brand, because when I mentioned Lee Kum Kee to my dad, his eyes actually lit up and he asked me eagerly, "the sauce ah??"

Duh, Dad. And I trust my dad because he's a good cook (pity I got none of the cooking genes) and he goes grocery shopping weekly so he should know the names of all the household brands of sauces and condiments. Right?

So. What Lee Kum Kee aims to achieve is ready-made sauces that saves you a whole load of time in the kitchen while presenting to you a scrumptious meal in just 30 mins. Last week, they introduced 5 new variants into its Menu-Oriented sauces line-up.

- Korean Marinade
- Sauce for Sweet & Vinegar Spare Ribs
- Lemongrass Marinade
- Soup Base for Black Pepper & Pork Bone Hotpot
- Soup Base for Drunken Chicken Hotpot

Before we move on, let's take a look at the chef of the night: Chef Edwin!

Obviously very very brilliant with crockery, utensils and whatnot in the kitchen. I should really learn a trick or two. 

Or maybe a whole lot.

Food in preparation... simmering... boiling... marinating...


Well, to be fair the food may not have tasted superrrrr fantastic, but keep this in mind: Chef Edwin kept well within the half an hour mark to make all these dishes. For a 30-min cook session, what more can you ask for?

My favourite part: sampling the food ;)

Of course, then, I had to pay my dues right? 

Introducing.... Master Chef Gail.

Though it looks more like a photoshoot than anything else, do not be fooled. I can actually cook really well.

Recipe for the Korean Pork salad that I'm about to make:

You will need - 1 packet of LKK Korean Marinade sauce, 200g of sliced pork belly, 10g of chilli powder mixed with LKK Premium Light Soy Sauce and Pure Sesame Oil, various greens of your choice for the salad.

Listening to instructions....

Chopping vegetables...

Marinating the pork with the Lee Kum Kee Korean Marinade sauce! Marinate for 10 mins.

This is my excited face, y'all. I'm doing really well, am I not?

The boyfriend then took over. HAHA (he said I was preparing too slowly and the oil was ready for me to start cooking the meat) so...

Pan-fry the pork till light golden brown.

Adding the final touch: meat to the veg!

You can also mix in the salad dressing and toss everything together.


Too bad you guys didn't get to try my (or J's) cooking. I thought we did pretty well! The samgyeopsal went really well with the refreshing veggies. Yum. Will definitely recreate this dish at home on my own. Or with daddykins' help.

A big thank you to my darling Jem for the photo-taking and editing, so that I may spend the night languishing in elation at sampling the food without worrying about photos. To my credit, I fed him while he was busy taking photos. Hurhur.

I had a lovely time at the event (obviously), and I think I should pick up cooking for real now. With such easy-to-prepare-dishes, why not? Thank you Lee Kum Kee! If I ever become a famous chef, please come to attend my cookout.


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