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Friday 5 December 2014

Mary Chia: Masego "The Safari" Spa

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I am finally down to blogging about Masego Spa! The Halloween event was held back in late October and I did the complimentary spa treatment two weeks later. If you guys check out my Instagram or Facebook page regularly, you'd know that I also held a giveaway that gave my followers a chance to win tickets to this special Halloween event. 

Once in a lifetime man, I've never attended a Halloween party in my life, much less a spa-themed one. I hope the winners enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

I'll be posting photos of the event, and also photos and a review of my spa session. Massive photo spam ahead, so just feast your eyes on the goodies that Masego Spa has to offer!

"Unlock the third eye..." it says. 

"Drink the potion".

I did. It was apple juice. Meh.

There were all sorts of performances going on inside that were very colourful and vibrant, but not at all scary. Which was a bummer, because I like scary stuff and also I wanted to see Oppa shiver in his pants (he hates horror stuff hahaha).

Free hand paraffin! Of course I did it.

It was super hot my goodness, it felt a lot like dipping your hand into scalding hot water. But it's supposed to be like a treatment for your hands, and my hands did feel smooth and smell good afterwards.

For a moment I thought I was in Madame Tussauds, look at how my hands waxed up!

Guess I'm just not cut out to be a wax figure; they peeled the wax off. Really liked this "hand paraffin" station!

Had cupcakes for mini treats and Oppa had a beer!

With le bestie Zhiyi!

With Pris :)

Photo with some of the giveaway winners!

I thought we did a good job looking scary, eh? Brilliant idea to wear red lipstick.

See this is wrong! Zhiyi & Kevin you two look waaaay too happy here!!!

Horribly fat photo of me but I have to show you guys that we also did ear-candling. For the first time in my life! Quite shiok actually, it didn't hurt and I kinda fell asleep.

These geniuses got themselves called up on stage to take part in games. I swear I didn't "escape" on purpose, but these cuties should've known better than to stand so near to the stage area. LOL

Fun and games aside, guess who won prizes in the lucky draw?

Yours truly of course ~ 

Very very surprising because I don't ever win anything in my life from lucky draws, no luck at all in such competitions. Tough luck mate.

Jem Tan should really stop creeping in other's photos!!!

Kiss as a punishment! 

Thank you Zy and K for being such good sports for the night!

Photo credits to this handsome man <3

--------------- REVIEW ---------------

Two weeks later!

Bathroom facilities to wash up and shower after massage.

Our couple tent!

First the receptionist made us fill up a form that stated our preferences (soft, medium or hard strength) and led us to the bathroom to change into the robe. Shower cap and lockers are provided! You can also shower after the massage to wash off the oil. Shower gel and towels are available upon request or already inside the bathroom. 

I thought the massage was very thorough - she started on my back, followed by arms, waist, legs (even toes) and when I flipped around, the upper chest, hips and head massage also followed.

Very relaxing and I think all my tensed muscles loosened.

If only I weren't so ticklish. The whole tent was me just trying to snuffle my giggles (I can't help it sorry masseuse!) and Jem laughing at me laughing ._.

Look at our rejuvenated faces after massage. They also served us "chng-tng" and some sort of odd tea. Good service! No facial/spa place I've been has served me dessert before. 

**P.S Zhiyi also went for the session on a different day and she said they served her green bean soup. I guess they change dessert menus quite often. Thumbs up!

Our body massage is worth $68 for a 60-min session. There are also 90-min ($98) and 120-min ($128) sessions available. If you ask me, I say go for it. Worth your money.

*Masego Spa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mary Chia Holdings Ltd. 

Check out their full range of services here.

Masego is located at:

Safra Jurong
333 Boon Lay Way (it's just opposite JP, ahem NTU students please take note)
Level 3, Leisure Wing
Singapore 649848

Operating hours: 11am - 1am
Tel (for appointments): 67901661


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