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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lush Aesthetics: LED Teeth Whitening review


Lush Aesthetics prides itself on using the latest LED teeth whitening technology that uses a non-peroxide gel and provides a quick, effective, painless and non-invasive solution for a bright white smile.

I am pleased to say I was a recipient of this treatment, and I wanna thank The Influencer Network and Lush Aesthetics for gifting me with a nicer smile now!

I don't drink coffee often, nor do I smoke, but somehow my teeth aren't as white as I'll like them to be. So when I was offered the opportunity to be sponsored 2 sessions of teeth whitening with Lush, I grabbed it. The following photos I'll be showing you guys are non-edited/photoshopped; only lighting is adjusted.

Before Treatment

Each session lasts around 30-40 mins, and about 5-8 shades lighter your teeth will be. Mouthwash will be provided for rinsing before and after.

Sorry if this photo freaks you out! Rest assured that it was not painful in any way to achieve this "pose".

What happens is, there is this dental-like device employed to keep your lips apart, and non-peroxide whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Blue gel is also applied to protect the gums. Subsequently, LED light will activate the whitening gel which will in turn brighten your teeth. The upper and lower teeth will be treated at the same time. No heat, needles or drilling will be used during the procedure.

There is even a TV-like monitor above the LED machine that helps to count down the 20-min session for you.

The first session: completely painless with no discomfort. I even fell asleep.
The second session: slight tingling sensations in my gums.

My advise would be to do every session separately, to avoid discomfort on your gums.

After Treatment

12 shades lighter teeth! I am pleased with the visible results, and I am smiling a lot more confidently with my teeth now. Considering going back for another session!

After the sessions, the consultant compared my "before" and "after". From shade 32, I dropped to shade 20. I suppose the lower your shade number, the whiter your teeth is. 

Both taken one day after treatment ^

All in all, I would say Lush Aesthetics are safe and they use only dental-approved products so that our teeth will not be harmed. The only downside is that I have to stay off caffeine-related drinks (meaning coffee, tea and soft drinks), curry and other sauces that may potentially stain my teeth for the next 3 days following the treatment. After that it's back to usual, but remember, your white teeth can only remain white with maintenance, and not if you do not care for it properly!

Usual price of LED teeth whitening: $999/session
Current promo: $188/session
*quote my name when you give them a call at 67374964.

So what are you waiting for? If you've always wanted whiter teeth (like me), then this is the perfect opportunity to get it done, especially before CNY!

So you can show off your perfectly white teeth while giving snarky replies to relatives who have nothing good to say to you during CNY. 

You can also head over to Lush Aesthetics' Instagram @lushaesthetics, where they are currently having a giveaway for teeth whitening weekly till 14 Feb 2015. All the best!

Lush Aesthetics is located at:

Tanglin Shopping Centre
19 Tanglin Road
#06-11, Singapore 247909
Tel: 67374964 / 67332431



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