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Thursday, 11 December 2014

MU.VTIVATE: V-Face Activation Mist

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Like I mentioned on my Instagram a month back, I think I might've found a solution to my uneven face.

I recently found out the reason why my face has been getting gradually more and uneven is because of my wisdom teeth. I have 4 altogether (though none the wiser) and it has been nothing but damaging to my face shape. Some background: My first wisdom tooth sprouted in 2011, on the left side of my mouth. Because of the pain, I constantly chewed on the right side, causing the muscles of my right jaw to get stronger and more defined than my left one. Hence, my uneven face.

Moral of the story: please remove all goddamned wisdom teeth asap.

Next best moral of the story is: if you can't prevent, cure it! Mary Chia to the rescue. 

MU V.TIVATE (V 提美) is a French-formulated mist spray that seeks to defy gravity, lift and hydrate skin in just 10 minutes! One spray on the face is all it takes to enjoy these four benefits:

- Lifting
- UV Defense
- Regeneration

* Key ingredients are all derived from the stem cells of plants, which boosts the mist spray's anti-aging properties.

Let's look at the photos from the event, where I got to try the mist firsthand.

After about 3-5 spritzes of the spray ^ Mary Chia personnel fanning my face for it to dry faster.

Can you see how the left side of my face is lifted up? Granted, like I said my face is already slightly uneven, but with this lift it is even more obvious! I am of course horrified and amazed all together.

Hydration level also went up from 45% to 62.9%. On my face, I could feel a cooling sensation, followed by some slight pulling. I assume its the tightening of my face. Very impressive.

Tada! Laugh lines and cheek on the left is obviously higher.

Mom and J also tried it for themselves:

Both of them were also sprayed on the left side of their faces. See how their faces became uneven too! 

I am excited because I can now simply spray the right side of my face before I go out, and my face will be more symmetrical. Takes me less than a minute to spray and fan myself, and the tightening effect is almost instant. You can use it before or after makeup, girls!

This is a terribly accurate close-up of my face during the event. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Are bloggers even supposed to upload such unflattering photos of themselves? Hahaha.

Other treats from the event included the Body Composition Analyzer, which told me what my visceral fat rating is and also muscle mass, fat mass, BMI.... you get the gist.

Glad to know my visceral fat rating is 1, which is the best rating! I don't know how or why though, I eat lard by the containers. Favourite "side dish" with minced meat noodles. It's unhealthy, I know I should learn to moderate myself.

Another treat: Collagen beauty drink! Tasted a bit funky but Mom said it's supposed to taste like that. She also told me I'm too young to drink such stuff so I gave half of my bottle to her and she promptly gulped it down. Love my cartoon mom.

All bloggers and Mary Chia personnel onstage to "yum seng" to the launch of MU V.TIVATE!

Thank you pretty mummy for accompanying me! (I took this photo nice rightttt)

& thank you to my dearest Oppa for the photos <3

MU V.TIVATE comes in 5ml ($68) and 50ml ($388). All prices are subject to 7% GST. Available at all Mary Chia and Urban Homme outlets:

One spray and you're good to go.



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