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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dominos' Christmas Treat: 50% off all pizzas!

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Dominos, Dominos, fifty percent off.
All pizzas, all pizzas, fifteen minutes out, hey!
Dominos, Dominos, fifty percent off.
Oh what fun, we have fun, thank you from our hearts!

**to be sung to "jingle bells" tune.

Merry Christmas from Dominos!

Last Monday evening, Jem and I were very graciously invited to Dominos' Christmas gathering for bloggers, organised by The Influencer Network.

Our take on "couple christmas wear". LOL

The song you saw above? Yup, we created it. Those were the sort of "games" that we had to play at the party. The cringing feeling where you feel "crap, do I have to do this" and still do it anyway sort of feeling. But those awkward feelings only last a while. Upon afterthought you'll find that it's actually quite fulfilling and heartwarming.

& y'know, the more awkward you feel the more awkward you'll look to others!

Was really snorting with laughter for this one: Jem had to dress up as a Christmas tree. Or rather, we had to dress him up. He was not pleased. Hahahaha.

The two "Christmas trees" of the night.

Party in full swing! 

You can read about my post on the pizzas here.

Thank you TIN for the photo printout!

Make merry with these exciting deals Dominos have to offer:

50% off all pizzas is valid from now till 11 January 2015.
- valid for dine-in or takeaway only
- all pizzas to be delivered (free!) in 15 mins, or receive a free personal pizza voucher to be redeemed in the next order

Thank you #dominossg for the love! xxx

Pictures credits to Jem, The Influencer Network and myself.


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