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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer @ Esquire

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Without a break, I've stridden straight from exams to internship. Yes, the body is protesting, but the mind is willing. Liaising with fashion retailers in Singapore, scurrying around for clothes, preparing for shoots, these are some aspects of my job that I love.

I have to remember not to say "blueberry" while on the phone with Burberry's marketing manager though.

Cutting to the chase, I do feel like I have some sort of power over these high and mighty people who hover around snobbishly when you enter their glass of a shop. Behind the phone, I'm Anon who is "from Esquire Singapore, now bring me that glass of orange juice please".

Just kidding, of course I'm a diligent worker.

It has been three days of work, and I'm still poring over Esquire Korea's January edition!!! That has got to be the hardest magazine I've ever read. Everything is in Korean! Except maybe... captions. Yes, maybe I'll work as Caption Manager when I finally get my ass to Seoul after graduation, what d'you guys think? ^^^^^^^^^

Selcas next, obviously, because I can NEVER stop camwhoring heh heh :)

 Alright, stay tuned for the next post, coming right up!


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