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Monday, 27 May 2013


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Anneonghasaeyo yeorobun!

Today I shall be blogging about my favorite Laneige skin care and make-up product :)

Yes, in case you're not in the loop, this is part of Laneige's Beautiful Blogger Challenge, where one lucky winner will win a 1-year "Laneige K-Beauty Blogger" contract & an attractive $2,000 cash prize!

Now, there are heaps of people taking part in this, but nevertheless I shall try my luck.

You know why.

Yes you do.


Laneige is

k o r e a n.

HOW CAN I NOT?! I am number one fan of anything Korean hahaha. I know you guys are going, "Not again?!?!" 
As if one k-pop competition, a dance contest and a legit SNSD dance cover on YouTube isn't enough right. 

Guys please support me ok! :D :D and no, I'm never getting sick of the Taehanminguk!

Okay I have digressed too much. Back to Laneige ~

So, the first time I bought a Laneige product was last December in Korea. Never looked back since!

Introducing my precious Laneige Snow BB Cream!

Besides giving me good coverage and snowy white skin like a Korean, it has a triple function of anti-wrinkle, whitening and an impressive SPF 41! With this, half the battle is won for all the "I am Korean" lies I've been telling people, kekekekeke ~

The Liquid Crystal Essence works as a natural skin barrier and locks in moisture, so that your skin remains hydrated and supple :)

Now of course, an obligatory selca (trying very hard to be Song Hye Gyo yes you may commence judgement)

Truth of the matter is, I just ended work and I look ridiculously tired. But I'm still insisting on churning out this post, because Korea.

Korea = pretty much self-explanatory to be honest.

Next up, the Laneige much raved-about Water Sleeping Pack_EX!

Impossibly gentle on the skin, this product pampers my face throughout the night and leaves my skin moisturized and smooth. 

Working long hours is undoubtedly the number one cause of dehydrated and tired skin, so this sleeping pack works to replenish, brighten and restore my skin to its vitality :)

I apply the light gel-like substance after cleansing face and before I sleep, which works best. Enriched with Beta-glucan, this product deeply hydrates fatigued and dry skin while Ceramide SLN formula strengthens the skin barrier. It smells fresh too, which is just daebak!


With Laneige's Snow BB Cream in the day and the Water Sleeping Pack_EX at night, I am all set to be Laneige's K-Beauty Blogger *everyone cross your fingers plz!*

Anything K-related, I'm up for it. Korea, K-pop, Kai, Kris, Kamsahamnida!


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