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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lumenis x Benefit

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I had the honour of attending the Lumenis & Benefit collab event at Dr Joyce Lim's skin and laser clinic today~~

There were many other bloggers, and I was glad to have met a new friend. Hi Leney! :)

The talk focused on the different types of pigmentation issues on the skin, I think my mom enjoyed listening to it quite alot. So we went into the laser room in batches of two, here's how the demonstration went:

I've tried laser on my face before at one of the medical suites in Camden (to remove my acne scars and alleviate oily skin), and I think this procedure is pretty much the same. The feeling is uncomfortable at the start, like rubber bands snapping on your face, but after awhile you just get used to it :) Well--- as the saying goes, "一分钱,一分货" so since this is expensive, it must be good right??

Nah I'm kidding. Don't ever take anything at face value.

But speaking from the POV of someone who has done similar procedures before, this is truly well worth your money, and clears up your skin pretty quickly! Each skin varies though, so consult the doctor for the best advice :)

I really liked the Benefit talk and demo, it was really nice and informative, suddenly I feel the need to dash to Sephora and swipe everything off the Benefit counters! This is despite the fact that I ACTUALLY STILL HAVE LIKE THREE BAGS OF COSMETICS AT HOME LEFTOVER FROM MY KOREA TRIPS HAHAHAHAHA I am beyond hope guys. I only have one face, this is not going to work out at all creys.

The Benefit ladies passed around some samples, I'll let the pictures do the talking then :)


JENG JENG JENG can you guys see all my pores and lines hidden???
*I'm totally sold on this hahaha*

So basically I had alot of fun with Mag and Liqin trying out the samples and sniffing our hands like idiots because THE PRODUCTS SMELL SO GOOOOOOOOOD.

Then of course, we had to camwhore. Hehehe and we had a complimentary strawberry cheesecake from Lumenis~

AND..... goodie bags!

Apologies for the bad quality photos, I am now aware that I have to bring my camera along for events~~~~~~ my iPhone 4S has failed, it is no longer as clear as before! :(

Exciting bit next, time to see what is inside the goodie bag!

Pore-fessional and dayum, "that gal". New make-up to add to my stash, I can dance in delirious glee~~ I am a hoarder istg hahaha ^~^

OK, so to end off this post, here are some photos of Priscilla and Leney!

I need to lose weight soon so that I can look passably attractive on camera sighhhhhh, alright, I had a lovely Saturday afternoon at Paragon Medical Suites (level 11), time for some shut eye!

Ciao beaus and bellas <3


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