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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review of Hot Stones @ Clarke Quay

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Had dinner last night with le Queen Mung at Hot Stones, with the other three Mungs stolen from us by gastric, allergy and work.

Pree, Xavier and Gary, I foresee a treat.......... :D

Without further ado, let's view the sumptuous spread Grace and I had last night!

While waiting for dinner...

Lychee Fizz

Lime Mojito

Seafood platter SGD 55

comes with salad and potato wedges!

Angus Ribeye set SGD 50

Food looked little, but was surprisingly filling for the two of us.

Seafood platter: 7/10
--> I personally prefer raw fish, so I felt that cooking the salmon and tuna on the hot slab the succulent taste of the fish was gone. So for raw fish-lovers, I suggest eating the fish raw rather than cook it.

Angus ribeye set: 9/10
--> Very delicious meat, it was juicy and tender. Big thanks to Grace who baby-ed me; she cooked it all while I was busy serving her second salad helpings hahaha!

Drinks were on the house, so I can't remember the prices, but thanks Gran and Hot Stones for the drinks and overall discount!

Ambience: 8/10
--> We sat inside since the weather was ridiculously hot, so the aircon was pleasant and as there wasn't much people inside compared to the outdoor dining, it was cosy and rather private.

For music I'm gonna give a 10/10 since they played City Hunter's OST, and because Grace rolled her eyes at my squirming butt bouncing on the chair, I'm changing my mind and giving it an eleven instead :) :) Please note that it's only ONE korean song though, the rest were all David Guetta and clubbing whatnots~~~ *coughs Gran's playlist*

Overall it was a lovely dining experience, think "atas pepper lunch" + "korean bbq" and you're all set.

If you're interested, here's the address:

3D River Valley Road, #01-06,
Tel: 6333 4868

It's somewhere along the river, opposite Central mall.

Hope you're having a sumptuous dinner while reading this post!

Till we meet again then~


*Disclaimer* this post is purely my own and has no relations to Hot Stones Singapore.

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