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Sunday, 26 May 2013

You've got to be yolking me!

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Eggy hair, no I'm not yolking.

I promised you guys that I would try Sunsilk's hair tip (refer to previous post) on mixing egg yolk with any of Sunsilk's conditioners to create a DIY hair mask.

Well, I tried it this lovely rainy afternoon at home and I can safely say I'm not brilliant with food of any kind, especially raw ones.

For starters, I had no idea how to separate egg yolk from egg white (which was made worse since le sister and maid were judging me from the corner of their eyes)

So here I am, with my perfect egg ^^

Spoon to the rescue ~

Egg yolk after I had taken away the whites, although there were remnants of white still

Time to add the nourishing soft and smooth conditioner and mix!

So it looks somewhat like this after mixing. Looks pretty unconvincing tbh.

Time to head for the bath nonetheless.

Putting my best smile forward! 

1 hour later........

I was sorely disappointed as my hair did not feel any softer or smoother! My hair smells a lot like egg now though.

Perhaps I made a mistake along the way, or mixed too little yolk or conditioner. The mixture was not thick and creamy; instead it was flowy and malleable. I left it on for about 5-10 mins, hoping for some miracle, but my hair remained stoic as a rock.

I rinsed off and dried my hair. Applied Sunsilk's leave-on lotion and blew dry my hair (cold air).

Final results:

Looking all sunshine girl and shampoo ad-like but no. Hair is far from feeling like a million bucks :(

Everyone's hair and texture is different though, maybe this treatment isn't suited for my hair type. I had alot of fun trying out this experiment though, maybe I should try the milk or the beer one next.....?

HAHAHAHAHA asdfghjkl

What do you guys think? If you think you're up to it or have done it before, leave a comment below or tweet me your thoughts!

This affair is sure hairy.


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