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Saturday, 11 May 2013


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Here's a shout-out from me to you!

Today marks the creation of this blog, as well as me going back to blogging after more than 5 years. I'm not very good at such tech stuff, such as blogskins and whatnot, so please pardon me, I'm still learning! ^^

So. After much dithering and urging, I've decided to start up my own online space. From now on, this place shall be where I talk about the events in my life and things that interest me, like fashion, writing, and of course, K-pop.

Those who know me will know I'm a big fan of K-pop *giggles* okay no I promise I will restrain myself so that I won't bore you non-kpop fans!

Please welcome me into the blogging sphere, I promise I will be nice as well, and I certainly don't bite :D



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