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Friday, 29 November 2013

Re-exam-ining Life

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Ayo wassup guys, how's life? It seems as though the last few posts I've been starting with "Sorry guys I've been busy....."

BUT I really have beeeeeen!

No shit man, try having a life when there's school, work and schoolwork. Gee, real lovely to have these two sticking around me 24/7. Wish I could call them my sidekicks, but the sad truth is that they kick me aside all the time, like I'm a football.

So anyway, I am done with three papers and awaiting my fourth and last paper.... in a holiday mood. To be honest this semester has been nothing short of tiring (I say this every semester omg) and I can't wait for it to be over.

Went completely berserk today and splurged on a Zara white shirt, F21 accessories and Guerlain foundation make-up. This is in addition to the numerous packages I've been receiving in the mail over the past two weeks thanks to my online shopping. 

Retail therapy works everytime though, I'm high like on drugs now and in absolutely no mood to mug for Tuesday's paper *grins.

Oh well, tomorrow's not too late~

Will be away in KL for a short getaway with colleagues next weekend; first time going KL and not knowing what to expect lol. Counting on it to be a good refresher before I come back and start working my ass off.

Guys, in case you are wondering what sort of work I'm half-drowning in, it's insurance. Yes, I'm a financial planner (and a full-fledged one so save the snide comments please) with AIA and if you do require my services, y'know where to get me winkz.

I see you tying up your shoelaces - no you don't have to run away, I'm not going to hound you to buy insurance from me. I live many lives, and this blogging life of mine will not get entangled with my financial planning job. I am 100% committed to doing all jobs of mine - student, financial planner, blogger - to the best of my abilities and will discern them appropriately.

Now this is starting to sound like a job interview where I am trying to impress the boss and failing badly, so let's move on.

Still awaiting my acceptance letter from Seoul National University; should be anytime now isn't it? Completely spiffed up that I'm going to live in Korea for 5 months, if you guys know me well you'll know this is an absolute dream come true :)

I will continue to blog in Seoul: any requests for posts on culture, dressing, makeup, weather or scenery  may be directed to my email at sohgail@live.com. Also, I've been getting requests to do makeup tutorials on YouTube, okay guys I'm on it. x


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