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Friday, 13 March 2015

Tsubaki promotions in stores from 15 March 2015

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Wanna wake up to good hair everyday?

TSUBAKI, launched in 2006, has been leading the hair care market in Japan. Recording a total number of shipments of over 270 million units, TSUBAKI is valued as a brand created to serve the beauty of women's hair while enhancing the attractiveness of women.
- taken from their Facebook page

Ever since I stumbled upon this hair brand during my exchange in Seoul last year, I've been hooked. I know I know, it is good to change shampoo brands once in awhile right? But I just can't bear to switch brands, because I love this brand of hair care too much and everything else just won't match up. Hahaha.

Just a fun fact: I am a legit and loyal fan of TSUBAKI and have been so for the past year. I've been paying for all the products myself from last year till now. It was only recently that TSUBAKI Singapore tied up with me, and while I am obviously overjoyed, you girlies should rejoice more. Y'know why?

Because TSUBAKI is having promos in stores soon, starting from 15 March 2015! Read on, you don't wanna leave anytime soon.

On my part, I refrain from perming my hair, because perming really spoils and damages your hair ends. But I still dye my hair every month.

My locks are achieved from wearing curlers at night. From the curls, you can see the shine from my hair, all healthy tips! No more dried or split ends surfacing so often anymore.

TSUBAKI's Hair Oil (60ml) - $26.90

Formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturize and repair your hair, so that it will have the "luxurious shine" look day in day out. It isn't greasy also, so those with oily scalp (like me) needn't worry. 

I think that's one of the reasons why I love TSUBAKI so much. It achieves this shine for me without making my hair look oily or greasy. Very impressive. 

How to apply evenly:
- spread an appropriate amount (about the size of a 20-cent coin) onto your palms and work it through your hair
- then, take another portioning of equal size and now focus on the areas that require extra application
- start from the tips of your hair, and work upwards. This is to prevent flat hair!

Head Spa Sparkling Serum (130g) - $18.90

This is a leave-in scalp essence that helps to moisturize, soften and stimulate blood circulation for a healthy scalp. It will settle into your hair and leave a cooling sensation when it penetrates. And this is also not greasy or sticky! Feels very relaxing, like an actual spa.

No need to spend money at salon if you're on budget, just use this!

After shower:
- dry your hair
- shake the bottle horizontally 4-5 times
- position the nozzle about 2cm away from your cleansed scalp
- spray 8-10 spots onto your scalp in a single session
- gently press your scalp with your palms until the sparkling/popping sound disappears
- you're done, now sit down like a tai tai and relax.

Simple as that! You have to try it on your own to believe. And now's a good time because TSUBAKI's Hair Oil (60ml) and Sparkling Serum (130g) are currently having a "$2.70 off" promo, exclusively sold at Watsons only

So don't wait anymore! You only have that one head of pretty hair, so take care of that mane. If you don't pamper your hair, who will?

Check out more of my hair on my Instagram, @gailsgeneration.

A woman's hair accounts for 50% of her appearance, so if you've got this lovely shiny healthy locks down pat, half the battle is won.

You know you want it,


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