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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Kitchen Table @ W Hotel

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Went for brunch at The Kitchen Table, W Hotel, one Sunday ago with Dannon from TimeOut Singapore and Michelle, the marketing communications manager for W (basically the head PR). Thank you Dan for the lovely invite and Michelle for coming all the way down to Sentosa Cove on a Sunday morning just to host us!

As I'm typing this post, I am salivating. Knew it was a bad idea to blog about FOOD at night.

Well, firstly, take a look at the decor.

Yes, it's a LEGIT table hung upside down as an ornamental ceiling piece. Those are real wooden tables, mind you. This isn't your regular kitchen, guys. W hotel sure spent quite a bunch on the decorations, what with the mounting of upside-down tables onto the ceiling. If I look up regularly, it feels like I'm eating with my head on a chair. Talk about an astronomical eating experience hahaha.

Uh huh, moving on~ there's a special place in hell for people who post food photos past midnight (I know), but technically it's barely 11.30pm right now and so.... here goes.

Obligatory "having-tea-so-let's-take-a-picture" photo, of course

Don't ask why we started with dessert first, but the cheesecake is a YES

Did I not mention? It's an international buffet. The selections are extensive :) Particularly loved the ribs, this can rival my love for Tony Romas'!

Yes, we moved on back to dessert and spotted: a candy floss machine

The theme of the restaurant is "Food From The Heart", so expect the chefs to change the menu daily - they cook what they feel like for each day, and there are live cooking stations for them to show off their cooking prowess (no, I'm kidding) and present only freshly cooked food to you.

Now I'm silently cursing myself because my stomach is growling, damn.

Once again, thank you TimeOut for this wonderful opportunity to savour such exquisite food on a Sunday morning; I must confess my taste buds aren't used to such extravagance.

Hungry yet?

The Kitchen Table is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner from 6am to 12am daily.
21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

All Day                       
Weekdays 11am to 11pm
Weekends 11am to 12am
(Monday to Saturday)

Lunch: SGD65++
Dinner: SGD65++

Breakfast: SGD48++

Sunday brunch:12.30am - 4pm
SGD108++ per person
SGD148++ inclusive of free flow champagne/house red/house white/beer

You may reserve a table online at thekitchentable.singapore@whotels.com or call +65 6808 7268 to book!

In any case, splurge guys, because this is one of the better brunches out there. 



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