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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Étude House pink play party x Esquire's BDRM

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Was very lucky to be invited by Yingxuan to SHINee's Étude House pink play party two weeks ago; I never even thought of going because I was not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Étude House's products (especially since I'm always going Korea and we all know how cheap the products are over in their home country).

So when Xuan said she had tickets because her boss couldn't make it, I squealed.

SHINee is like my ultimate favourite K-pop group besides EXO, and although I've seen them quite a few times in real life, I was still obviously not gonna give this golden opportunity up. Thank you Xuan!

As usual, sister dearest leeched on to my luck and came as my +1 :')

Here she is ~

With Xuan and her friends!

Deep in conversation while waiting in queue to go in!

I honestly felt quite out of place with so many XMMs....... maybe it's time for me to grow out of this Korean phase (you wish)

It was quite pretty inside, although the crowd was reaaaally stifling. Look, they had these small mobile make-up counters for everyone to do their make-up. Cute, ain't it?

Nice dress but I caught her yawning a few times. LOL must be real boring standing up there the whole time.

Finally got to the stage area after completing "tasks" (so as to gain entry) ----- yes that includes taking photos with SHINee standees lol 

ANYWAY.... here's Minho who was absent *sad*

Rosalyn as emcee!

Sulli from f(x)! She looks better in person. Hahaha

Krystal's cameo


Why they so flawlesssssss and yes, Jonghyun looks bored/pissed/annoyed as usual hahaha I think he really hates Singapore

SHINee + Sulli

Look at Onew having fun. Hahaha all worth it guys, all worth it :D

Alright, after a pink party of all sorts, I just had to head over to the glam side of swanky dresses and smart tuxedos.

Of course, Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man competition, heating it up @ KPO! In this shot you can see two of the best-looking (in my opinion) men who are in the running. Good luck guys!

Pardon the flash in our eyes! With Tim & Hannah :)

Past interns me & Ron with current intern Eugene :)

Source of laughter in the office, Esquire's other intern --- Marcus

Quite artistic right this photo!

Aaaaand.... a shot to end off the night, with Esquire's Fashion Director (a.k.a my boss) Janie featuring a photo-bombing Darius (who is also in the running for BDRM).

T'was a good night :)


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