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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pezzo Pizza

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Last Friday night, yeah we danced on table tops...

Nah, I danced on the creaky wooden planks of the Singapore River Cruise, more like. 

Pezzo, a 6-stores-islandwide pizzeria, launched its first-ever Laksa and Rendang Pizzas to celebrate the nation's birthday. Taking into account the local sensibilities, Pezzo has infused their classic pizzas with a chunk of local favourites. Read: laksa leaves, tau pok, crab meat. 

Seems like every eatery/restaurant/cafe is celebrating the nation's birthday. Except me. I'll be away this weekend at Bangkok, shopping my guts out. Sorry Singapore, I still love you. I'll eat more coconut ice creams and padthais on your behalf okay :)

Okay yes, back to the pizzas. 

Chicken Rendang Pizza (each slice $4.50)
Full pan: $24.90

Can I just say, I don't even eat rendang normally, but I tore my way through two slices of this. The potpourri of red and green capsicum, totally yums. There is also white onion and oregano chicken, seasoned well. Spiffing.

Laksa Pizza (each slice $4.90)
Full pan: $24.90

Being an ultimate laksa lover, I thought the addition of tuna was a bit weird. Which laksa has tuna?? But fortunately the overall taste was still very much laksa-oriented, especially with the array of seafood (prawns and squid). And because I love crab, the little bits of crab meat were very welcome.

As you can see, I got caught pigging out on camera. /slow claps for my non-existent glam factor/.

With Liqin feat. the overcast skies behind. Thank god it didn't pour on us that evening and instead produced a lovely breeze that allowed me to appreciate the beauty of Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion.

Pretty isn't it! I even forgot all about my motion sickness hahaha.

I would say it was a pretty interesting experience, because come on, how often do you get to eat pizzas on a river cruise?

Thank you so much Jaslyn and Brand Cellar for the invite! x

Credits to Jem for the photos! Check out his page, he's the latest addition to the blogging sphere. No longer a +1. Popular already don't forget me uh! heh heh heh. He should be posting quite often (more than me probably ha ha) and you can also check out our adventures there.

For a list of Pezzo kiosks, you can click here. You can also check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @pezzopizzasg :)


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