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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Momiji Shabu Shabu Collagen Hotpot Buffet

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Momiji Shabu Shabu has opened its doors to Singapore's first-ever collagen hotpot buffet.

Did someone say... COLLAGEN HOTPOT BUFFET?

For the vain ladies like me out there, yup there is finally a shot at looking younger and possibly prettier while stuffing your face with food. In short, heaven.

Let's take a look at the spread:

I felt like I might have grasped Jem's arm in faint elation at the sight of fresh clams. I say might have because all I remember is trying to find a huge bowl to scoop up the clams asap. A good sign.

Deep sea red prawns recommended by Momiji themselves!

White prawns, sliced fish, MORE CLAMS, and baby squid. By the way, the clams are premium Asari clams, I am proud to announce.

Some protein boost!

Fish pastes, kimchi pastes and whatnots to add flavour into the soup. It's tastes like fish cake you know? The kind that I absolutely dig in Yong Tau Foo. 

Aha, meat lovers look no further. Indulge yourself in the red meat that includes Kurobuta pork. Soft and juicy, it is flavourful and melts in your mouth when cooked to perfection.

Not forgetting our daily diet of veggies! But really, who has time for veggies when you have seafood and meat. I daresay I didn't venture much into this aisle. But I noted that they have quite a range of greens that will complement the meats.

NOW to the divine soup base:

This is how it looks like before it bubbles over and becomes soup. Cool right? Like tofu. Except it is filled with even more goodness. 

This is collagen pudding, which is the culmination of 6 hours of simmering kampong chicken. With the addition of fresh vegetables, the broth is cooled and solidified into a silky smooth pudding that brims with collagen.

The soup takes some time to cook and for the collagen to effectively spread out so that every mouthful you take will help you look younger. Hahahaha OK I might be kidding about the last part but honestly I ain't waiting for no soup to boil if it isn't gonna help beautify me. /uh-uh no way/

While waiting for the soup to cook, you can munch delicately on some sushi. Be sure not to spam, or else the rice will take up too much space in your tummy! Or... you can eat at Momiji with me, then you can spam the sushi because then it means more collagen soup for me.

There's also an aisle for cooked food like fried chicken wings, ebi prawns with mayo and scallop fried rice :)

OK, moving on to the actual hotpot!

So you add the paste in.....

Then all sorts of other food, because cannot wait any longer la. ^.^

In case you guys are wondering how the taste differs from normal hotpot, it doesn't. There's no weird taste at all, yet it is so much more nutritious compared to others.

For every two pax dining in, you are entitled to a complimentary plate of premium wagyu beef or a portion of snow crabs.

Eh, still waiting for?

Oh, for me to hurry up and finish my post uh. Okok, dessert time!

Assortment of cakes, eclairs and cream puffs. There's ice-cream too, though I did not manage to take a photo of it!

Desserts are honestly so-so, but then again you're not there for dessert so you can let this slide :)

Needless to say the table ended up something like that. Foodies galore! 

The buffet selections are extensive, with over 100 items to tuck into, rounding off with unique dipping sauces that you can create from 12 different dipping sauce choices.

Wait no more, now that my post has ended.

Momiji Japanese Buffet
Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01
Singapore 329783
Tel: 62583398
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Momiji.JapaneseBuffet

Photo credits to Jem.


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