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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review on Amici @ Holland Village

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Met up with my best uni gal pals last night, after about 2736498156 days, and they missed me so much that they floated out of the mrt and sashayed down the platform to envelope me in a big hug.

I wish.

Hateful friends decided to start annoying me EVEN BEFORE WE MET, on whatsapp. I swear I only look like an idiot on public transport when I'm communicating with them through whatsapp, because I just can't hold in my laughs and exasperation.

So it has been almost a month at work, and these two girls have been meeting up without me weekly for swims and lunches, as I have been very kindly informed through our whatsapp convo. I am an "OL" now apparently, and a spoilt sport/ wet blanket/ ah soh (yes, letting it all out, they are) because I pine for early nights which in turn means no more late night hangouts and no after-meal obligatory drinks.

In short, they miss me very much. Moving on~~

It's about time we met, and we chose Amici at Holland Village as our dining choice of the night :)

Let's look at Pree's photography skills, courtesy of Grace's iPhone 5.

For starters, Calamari (SGD 15.90)

Pree's Seafood Soup (SGD 13.90) - genius had like 3 full meals before meeting us, hence -

Grace's Bacon and Mushroom aglio olio (SGD 18.90)

and finally, my Crab Meat pasta (SGD 30.90)

Here's my review:

Calamari: 7/10
--> I thought the batter could be crispier, and less soggy.

Seafood soup: 9/10
--> Pree gave me a spoonful of her soup, it tasted slightly sour like Tom Yum, with a hint of seafood smell. Tastes great! They also weren't stingy, packing three crunchy prawns into that small bowl. But that might be because they ran out of clams. 

Bacon and Mushroom aglio olio: 8/10
--> Spaghetti was springy, mushrooms melted in your mouth. If only the bacon was fried crispier!

Crab Meat pasta: 6/10
--> It's supposedly chef's recommendation, so yes, mine is the most expensive. Unfortunately, the price did not match the quality of this dish. Although they gave quite alot of crab meat, I felt that it was only average; in fact I think the Bacon and Mushroom aglio olio is more worth the money, at $18.90!

Ambience: 8/10
--> Quite lovely, I honestly didn't expect tables set with tablecloth and crystal goblets. HAHAHAHA. Waiters were also not bad looking. Kidding, I meant they were prompt. In filling up my crystal goblet.

Company: 10/10
--> Because yeah la, I miss these two gits as well :')

We then moved on to Breko for drinks and to discuss about the modules to take next semester. Now guys, Contemporary Lit or Modernism?

Root beer float for thought,

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