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Friday, 7 June 2013

Throwback Thursday

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Listening to EXO's latest album on the bus to work this morning was particularly nostalgic, what with at least 3 friends and acquaintances in Seoul at this moment and getting almost first-hand news of their whereabouts and fan accounts.

So here I am, going to do a throwback post on my Korea trips in Dec 2012 and March 2013.

I'm just gonna post some photos, because most are already up on Facebook (I've linked them above, feel free to browse, unless of course, you're not my friend on fb then o dear) and one blog post isn't suffice for the two amazing trips I had 

In any case, please listen to these two wonderful songs while reading this post, because they are the ones that inspired this post.

EXO - Peter Pan (Korean ver.)

EXO - Don't Go (Chinese ver.)

**FYI: EXO is a Korean guy band, with 6 members making up EXO-K and the other 6 making up EXO-M. K stands for Korean, so the songs are in Korean (duh) and M stands for Mandarin, so the songs are in Chinese (ditto). The best thing?

While learning the Korean language, I never had to look for translations for EXO's songs, because they sing the SAME SONG, just that it comes in two different languages. So to fully understand the Korean version, I listen to the Chinese version.

I guess you could say my Mandarin standard has managed to... stay afloat. To be dramatic, I think my Chinese language would've been non-existent if not for EXO-M.

I decided on Korean Peter Pan and Chinese Don't Go for you guys, because I think both are nicer in their respective languages, though the other version is mad love as well. XOXO (also the album's name, yes) These songs will set the mood ~

Okay, knew I'd digress too much on EXO. Hahaha sorry guys, can't contain my feels for them ㅋㅋ

Let's get started.

I'll talk about the places I miss, one by one, and post photos if I have any :)

Seoul Tower

Perfect place to go, especially with your other half :) The scenery is breathtaking, worth every bit of the wait and queue.

Going with these three friends of mine made the trip a hundred times better :')

We went at the sunset timing, about 5+ in the evening. PRIME TIME TO GO GUYS, all sorts of professional cameras came out (even the Koreans whipped out their Samsungs). Check out the second picture, that is also my current whatsapp wallpaper ^.^

The locks and keys behind us in the third picture show just how many couples have sealed their love in the Taehanminguk :')

Lotte World

I think I probably miss this due to the fact that it snowed a lot while I was there last Dec. It's not my first time seeing snow, but it was certainly my first time playing with snow!

Pictures are so deceiving, I look like I'm having the time of my life but reality is that we were all putting ourselves in danger of frost bite and screaming because the snow melted in our hands and seeped into our gloves. Hahahahahaha winters are awesome ~

Bukchon Hanok Village

I don't exactly remember where this place is, but I had alot of fun there :) Taking dumb pictures, dancing and getting judged at a place where we're supposed to be quietly appreciating ancient relics *whoops*

Dumb friends being dumb, feeling so much second-hand embarrassment for them (and myself) now HAHAHA

I laughed so much that day, pure innocent laughter that rarely comes by anymore in daily mundane life. Thanks girls 


Shopping district! ALWAYS fun. They sell all sorts of things, clothes, shoes, scarves, bags, and the shops go on forever. Turn a corner and you're presented with a whole new row of shops. Some of the shops are really pretty too, like a picture out of a postcard.

Yes, I am le picture out of a postcard :D Nah, just kidding! Here you go.

Absolute beauties, aren't they!

 Kimchi chigae in a cosy restaurant at the beginning of the Hongdae streets

Hello Kitty cafe hidden in a safe corner away from shopping crowd

Taken in March this year, on a sponsored trip by Campus Magazine with le sister 


Another shopping district, but this you can't miss because Ewha Women's University is located right here!

Easily one of the prettiest universities I've ever seen :)

Look at the vast land of beautiful trees and scenery. I can't help but compare to NTU, lol. I would love to study in this school, who wouldn't? Only downside is obvious: it's a women's university.

Also, Edae has tons of shoe shops, and the salons there are relatively cheaper compared to other places! Literally shop till you drop.


Make-up and cosmetic district - a row of shops on the same side can have up to 3 Faceshops, or Etude Houses, or Innisfree, or Tony Moly, or.... you get me.

Prices are no diff, but some shops give more freebies :) 

P.S I only can find night photos of Myeongdong in my photo albums, for some reason.

qtpie Cherm hahaha x

OF COURSE, for all SM stans, Everysing is a must visit. It's situated above SPAO.

My ultimate heaven obviously. Still wondering how I managed not to leave the shop bankrupt. 

Reminiscing the times where I spent all my time poring over the assortment of files, cups, bromides and other random stuff that are sold there, leaving Pearl to take photos. Hahaha ^^


We chanced upon this place while walking in Sinsa, Gangnam. Shops are the atas kind, abit pricey. But the place is superb for taking photos (or facebook profile pictures, it seems *coughs mag*)

Pearl's cameo :D 

Neomu yeppo? Yes! Nice for pictures but bad for the pocket, in all honesty.

Haeundae Beach

This is in Busan, taken during winter. Imagine how picturesque it will be if it's in summer!

One of the rare days that had sun too!

Last but not least,


This isn't a place you have to go, but it's definitely where I want to be right now, because EXO is promoting their new album!

Having strawberries in the cold night with le sister outside SM

Best of all is seeing EXO in real person :) :) 

OK, back to Apgujeong

Galleria shopping centre at night

A restaurant hidden at a corner, cheap and good shabu shabu!

My throwback post has gotten too long, I'm sorry!

It was really enjoyable looking back at the wonderful memories of Seoul that I had. If you have any questions about Seoul feel free to ask. I don't proclaim to be an expert, but I do know some places well :)

Other places you can visit:
- Times Square underground mall
- Dongdaemun
- Gyeongbukgung Palace
- Lotte mart

Missing these places x

Shall round off my post with some of my favorite Korea photos!

And... seeing SHINee upclose in Mnet Countdown!

Waking up at 5.30am just to queue up for these markings on our wrists. The things I do.... I don't regret a single bit!


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