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Sunday, 23 June 2013

i.t store opening @ Wisma Atria

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The first i.t multi label flagship store is now open at Wisma Atria!

Having been exposed to Hong Kong brands rather frequently since my aunt resides there, it was a pleasant surprise when my boss said she has RSVP-ed for me and Ron (the other intern at Esquire) for the exclusive opening of the store last Wednesday ^^

i.t originated from HK, and this is Singapore's very first store! The style is very much avant-garde and edgy street fashion, so fashionistas will absolutely adore this place. 

I've been really busy last week, taking 4 days off work to attend foundation classes at AIA. Yes, if you're wondering, I'm studying capital markets and investment-linked policies and other math economic whatnots to become a full-fledged Financial Services Consultant. In addition to internship at Esquire, being a full-time student at NTU, a blogger, taking Korean lessons and giving piano & tuition lessons.

So if any phrase is apt, I am drowning in work

Being completely bushed, last Wednesday was a lovely midweek perk-me-up, with Belgian waffles with crispy bacon for breakfast at Nassim Hill with le sister and omma to start off my day.

Take a good look at this god-sent dish. Excellent stuff.

Couldn't resist an #ootd (or two) outside our breakfast place, credits to sis!

Back to the i.t store, yes, let's begin!

Having dinner with Ron before the event and he was fooling around with my camera so everyone say hi to my hair (((hiiiii)))

View of the store from outside

With Larry the make-up artist

This turned out pretty funny cause he was smiling at me and I was like, "let me take a photo of that smile" so now when I think back it's actually nice and awkward


With Time Out's marketing crew

----- Time for the catwalk -----

I swear he was smiling at me. Through those glasses. Hehehe

Host Rosalyn

The DJs of the night!

Yes that's a shoe box I'm clutching, will show you my new kicks in just a minute!

With Zacquine!

With Ron

Was very surprised to meet Getz, she's pretty and skinny as ever and I'm still jealous as ever

Celebrity make-up artist Clarence Lee

Personalised buttons from these girls, look at mine!

Last but not least, here's my purchase from the i.t store! There was a 20% storewide for the night, and in addition I had a media voucher, so I basically got these as a gift. Thanks Ron for your suggestion!

I rarely buy such shoes as I prefer ballet flats and sandals, but here's a toast to my gamble because I'm loving it! 

Thank you for the wonderful goodie bag and polaroid for the night, it was truly a TGIW :')


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