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Monday, 1 July 2013

BTS of a Fashion Intern #1

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Esquire Singapore's July issue is out today, have you gotten your copy?

Well I certainly have, courtesy of the company :')

Besides the gorgeous Brad Pitt who graces our cover this month, we are also featuring sassy DJ Jacqui Thibodeaux from Power98FM in the Woman We Love section.

I was very much involved in this shoot, from picking out the clothes to dressing Jacqui, and I must say, WHO SAID THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS A PIECE OF CAKE?

It's a very tiring process --> emailing the brand managers, going from store to store collecting clothes, packing for shoot, making sure the items don't get damaged or lost during shoot, packing up, then finally dry-cleaning and returning clothes.

This cycle repeats for every shoot.

But the experience I've gained from working at Esquire is truly one that money can't buy.

So here I am, poking a hole through the curtains for you to peek into the life of a fashion intern during a shoot. I'll be releasing BTS photos now and then for you guys, and only after Esquire has ran the article.

So here we go, everyone!

Taken at The White Rabbit @ Dempsey, bright and early at 8am :)

With the crew from In Merry Motion

Tanks and shorts that all cost a few hundred bucks per piece, mind you, imagine my stress

Jacqui's real fun to work with; she's just a tiny little ball of energy! we all shared laughters in the sweltering heat, even in the sudden downpour that threatened to mess up our photoshoot.

See, the thing with fashion is, most of us only see the glamourous side and not.... how we had to use curtains as a changing room. :p

Look at Larry's make-up stash, and if you're a girl like me we ought to be ashamed of ourselves LOL

Final pictures are up in the July issue!

Good work everyone!


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