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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ballet Under The Stars

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Spent last Saturday night at Fort Canning with Grace, Albert and Andreas watching Ballet Under The Stars 2013, Giselle.

You see, I may not be a fantastic ballerina myself (so much for ten years of learning at De La Salle and Singapore Ballet Academy, really) but I really am very interested in ballet recitals. Though it has been years since I stopped dancing ballet, I still long for my pointe shoes and stockings.

No, to be honest I long for pretty pedicures more. Hahahaha.

Have you guys ever watched Black Swan? I thought that show was pretty realistic. It's the closest you can get to a glimpse into a real ballerina's life. Singapore's ballet circle isn't that competitive, but the stress is definitely there. The bleeding cuticles on the toes are also all true, fyi. I remember my secondary days in ballet class spent plastering each and every toe before putting on stockings, toe padding and pointe shoes. Never look at a ballerina's feet if you don't want nightmares lol.

Watching Ballet Under The Stars last Saturday once again made me rethink my decision to quit ballet in secondary four. How graceful Giselle danced.... sometimes I wonder how life would be different if I'd persevered with my ballet.

Anyway, no more reminiscing, here are some pictures! I managed to take a few before the sun set (which in turn rendered my iPhone useless). Photography is not allowed during the show, but I was sneaky heh heh.

Thankfully the weather was really nice in the evening despite raining the entire morning and afternoon, so that we could have our picnic.

By the end of the night, the guys were shouting "Giselle, I love you!" randomly, much to Grace and my chagrin. /boys.

It's really a show not to be missed.


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