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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Korean Tes Teu party @ Dempsey

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I attended the Korean Tes Teu party at Dempsey last Saturday, and boy, did I fall head over heels in love with the products!

As we all should know very well by now (and if you don't, please see me), Korea heads the cosmetic and make-up wave, and the quality of products are always up there. Naturally, I was very excited to see what there was in store for me!

But first, let us take a look at the wonderful tarts and breads catered by Delifrance - let's take a deep breath and say yum together ~

Now that I'm done looking like a complete pig, let's head over to the real deal. BB creams and CC creams!

The main idea of the gathering at Dempsey was to introduce new brands of bb and cc creams from Korea that are not launched in Singapore yet. Guests have to vote on their phones for their favourite bb cream (out of a choice of 5) and cc cream (out of a choice of 2).

Step 1: Draw a line using eyeliner as a testing line

Step 2: Here comes the bb!

Step 3: Gently pat the bb cream into the skin, and see if it covers the "blemish" well.

Finally, put your hand into a box of styrofoam, and see which bb cream is the stickiest!

At the end of each voting round, we were all given free gifts!

Eyeshadow x lip gloss hehehe

With mom :)

Knowing me, even though I'm dead broke this month, I just HAD TO spend on some Korean products.

Eyelash enhancer from CELLABEL (which, after one week of nightly usage, did NOT make my eyelashes any longer, I am sorely disappointed because my $68 just went down the drain *sad*)

Powder sunblock from CELLABEL, and this is the best buy ever.

See, the thing with my skin is, it gets oily really quickly. Like I can just slap on makeup and walk out of my door, and my face starts to shine already. 

Highly infuriating.

On Sunday however, I came home screaming "this sunblock is a winner" to my family, who were unfortunately more interested in the telly.

Nevertheless, my dear readers, this is really a godsent product for those of you who have oily skin like me. Worth every single cent of my $88! 

I had matt skin the whole of this entire week at work, and mind you, my shoot was outdoors at Sentosa Cove.

The SPF 50+ sunblock is available at Nails D'vine at Dempsey, so what I'm saying is, go get it ^^

So here is my haul from the party - goodie bag x products that I purchased!

This picture quality turned out badly, and I really liked this photo!

Thanks for the invite Zacquine, I had a lovely time! 


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