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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Goodbye Esquire x

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With the interns of Esquire!

So, the end of my tenor with Esquire has come. These two and a half months have been nothing short of fun, excitement, and alot of working out (try lugging a luggage from Palais Renaissance to Mandarin Gallery and back to Palais again).

There were times when I was so tired, I just wanted to give it all up. With a glimpse into this industry, I realise that you must really have the passion for fashion, or else you won't even last a day.

Interns really reside on the bottom rung of the ladder, but I'm really glad for this opportunity to work in one of the more well-known magazines in the world :)

No more internships for me though, I am done. While desk-bound jobs are really not my thing, running around carrying heavy things are not my cup of tea either..... I guess I'm only suited to living a taitai life. HAHAHA ok I'm kidding.

Moving on to my celebratory dinner with the Mungs; always thankful for these people in my life.

Had dinner at Le Chasseur (opposite Clarke Quay) and it was really pretty good. Tbh it's like atas zichar, but the clay pot rice was damn good man! Highly recommended. Bill came out reasonable too, so if you haven't tried that place before, you should.

Had drinks afterwards at Cafe Iguana, when the Queen Mung (a.k.a Grace) finally joined us after her hall camp. She was so tanned I wanted to cry hahahaha.

It was a really good night to unwind and relax, and to celebrate the end of my work life. School is starting in two days time!

I have alot of backlog entries, so will be blogging as much as I can. Been down with food poisoning ever since coming back from BKK, but I hope to be well soon :')

Anticipate my photoshoot photos at Loewen Road too, Ceph has finally sent me the final photos! <3

Catch you guys soon, much loves.


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