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Friday, 23 August 2013

Banging Bangkok

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Sorry for the slow updates guys, I've been busy :/ Nevertheless, I found some time today to blog! *pops confetti*

It's gonna be a picture spam of my photos from my BKK trip about 2-3 weeks ago, so here we go :)

Day 1: A series of airport photos, pardon our excitement

On Scoot Business Class! Spacious leg room for our long legs HAHA

We took the train to our hotel at Pratunam, which I highly regret (because lugging our luggage through potholes in the ground and through the night market was just beyond words)

Taken by Pree's friends from NTU whom we met at the airport!

Finally, at our hotel room at Citin Pratunam!

It was clean (thankfully) and good enough for the cheap rates we paid!

Time for some supper at Chinatown~

very yummy duck noodles!

Basically a feast, yes. Well, we hadn't had dinner! (airplane food does NOT count)

Day 2: Shopping!

Our mini haul by midday

The flood was real intense, like knee-high?! My princess feet had to wade in dirty waters and debris to get back to our hotel.... Just kidding, it was such an adventure omg tell me how often do you get walk in such high waters? Adventure of a lifetime (and seeing Pree scream like a bimbo at the cockroaches scuttling on the sidewalk and floating in the water hahahaha)

We decided to chill for the night (enough adventures) and head for Khaosan ~

ANY 3 accessories for 100 baht omg??

coconut ice-cream!

very obviously posed LOL

more natural this time ^^

Day 3: More shopping

Luncheon at Platinum mall!

Not many pics because... well, shopping :D

Food from the food court at Platinum!

Day 4: Foot reflex and mani/pedi!

To be real honest, we did foot reflex almost daily. Hahaha for 200 baht, it's a complete addiction! Mani/pedi was expensive though, like S$30? It's almost Singapore pricing!

Are your tummies rumbling...? Cause mine is.

OMG I miss BKK and the food now :( though I got food poisoning hahahaha oh well

Day 5: Praying at four-faced Buddha + Coca steamboat!

Yes we're forever eating Macs porridge for breakfast. But seriously, the pork porridge and chicken porridge is really good.

Famous Coca Suki Restaurant! Terribly overpriced though :(

Ice-cream before we head back to SG :) Ice-cream ice-cream, I melt you down like ice-cream~

Had Black Canyon for tea at the Thai airport, and here's my meal on Scoot Biz for the flight back ^^

It was a thoroughly relaxing trip, though I fly to BKK almost every year with my family, it's the first time I'm there with friends. I'm glad it was with Pree and Grace 


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