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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Saveur x Beats party @ Butter

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Saveur at Far East; at best a 7/10. I found the food a tad salty, and really, the queue outside is not a good gauge of the quality of food. The duck salad was good though, and so was their signature pasta. But if you're wondering what you're missing out on each time you pass by Far East Plaza, trust me, you aren't missing much.

I snipped off another two inches or so off my mane (yes, again) and dyed it a very dark brown. REALLY TEMPTED to dye it jet black, but I don't think it really suits my skin tone.

And y'know me, I can't stay with dark colours for long... :D

Sorry, too immersed in the K-pop culture hahaha. And my hairdresser said the yellow pigments in my hair is too strong. That explains why my hair fades to yellow all the time.

Do you guys like my hair?? :)

Last one before I move on to the pictures from the Beats party at Butter Factory! Vain girls getting their nails done while I camwhore heh heh.

Okay, here are some pics from the party, thank you Mag and Pris for the invite! x

Hosted by 98.7FM Muttons!

Nicholas :)

With two handsome Mediacorp guys, one of which is Jeffrey Xu Ming Jie!

Mag: "I think I'm too old." HAHAHA

T'was the lovely weekend I had before I flew off to Thailand, my friends are awesome and so are all of you my readers <3


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