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Monday, 19 August 2013

Loewen Road's BTS photos

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Happy Monday!

As I promised, here are the behind-the-scenes photos of my shoot at Loewen Cluster. If you want to view the professional shots, you may view them here :)

Alright, less words, more photos! You can check out how my hair was "manually" curled by macaroons (I'm kidding, but LOOK), it still amazes me how Leo did it.

Bright and early at home: time check - 5.30am


Getting increasingly disillusioned with my hair props, as you can see

Coordi noona behind the scenes..... eating + camwhoring LOL

Yup, those Aldo shoes are un-walkable.

Sorry Ceph, I just HAD to post this photo HAHAHA

Mandatory awkward family portrait, moving on

Love this one!

Aaaaaand, it's a wrap!

Once again, photo credits to Cepheus from Unique-Colours Creative Media 


a few photos from Mag's/my iPhone!

Hair credits to Leo from Glamorcessary :)


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